EOS in a box

Practice run

November 27, 2018

Practice run

Today I created 3 new virtual box ubuntu computers on my laptop to test eosinabox. It took me a while to configure them. I gave them the minimum recommended RAM of 1GB and disk of 10GB. Called them eosinabox-a, eosinabox-b and eosinabox-c Used my plain user, ami and password: 123123 so it is easy to login and approve sudo commands. Installed guest additions, enabled bidirectional copy and paste, restarted to make sure this works. I installed ssh servers on all 3 computers using sudo apt install openssh-server Needed to add too many network adapters to the setup since my laptop uses wifi to connect to the world and there seems to be a mismatch when trying to configure bridge network so everyone can talk to everyone on the virtual and real world. So instead, I needed to have 1 network adapter as a NAT so the virtual computers can connect to the internet, Another network adapter as an internal network so all the virtual computers can talk to each other and The final network adapter as a host only adapter so the host can communicate with the virtual computers. I changed their power saving settings to never lock the screen as it annoyed me. I don’t really care for power savings, these are virtual computers and the host laptop is always connected to the charger so there’s infinite supply of power. I created a snapshot of the computers so I can get back to the same initial state later and start another experiment without needing to install and configure again.

With some “ip -c a” I could find the ip addresses of the 3 virtual computeres and successfully ssh’d to them using “ssh ami@” Now I can actually start experimenting. I will follow the process outlined in the EOSIO documentation and update here. I found a nice commandline alternative to VirtualBox window: ‘VBoxHeadless -s a &’ since I called the computers a, b and c, this is easy! Just need to remember to shut them down correctly with ‘sudo shutdown now’ from within the ssh.

Ami Heines

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