Choose chain,
practice on Jungle4 testnet
or use the real EOS mainnet

New accunt name

New accunt name (12 charcters a-z, 1-5)

A trusted device is either a device that you own and control, or the device of someone you trust completely with your account and funds.

If you do not want to reveal the custody account name, you can use a public key instead.

So, in the unlikely event that you lose your device, the custody account can be used to sign a transaction which will restore your account back to you.

DO NOT add a custody account that you do not trust with your funds.

This system uses the secure element hardware on your phone to store the keys you are about to create. Your phone’s built in hardware security module (HSM) protects the keys which can only be accessed by you via your phone’s fingerprint or facial recognition hardware.

Neither your biometrics nor keys ever leave your phone. They are not transmitted over the internet. They are only used for signing on this device.

Thus your phone is the only place your keys are stored. Create recovery accounts on other phones to replace these keys in the event it is lost, stolen, reset, or destroyed.

Replacing keys restores access to your account.

Restore access

To restore access to your account, you have to:

  1. Choose the chain, practice on Jungle4 or use the real EOS chain
  2. Enter your account name
  3. Create a new key using biometrics on your phone
  4. Send it to your trusted friend, they will fix the account for you

Change Account Keys

To help your friend get access to their account, you have to:

  1. Choose the chain
  2. Approve this transaction, this will change the active key for your friend

TL;DR - Too Long; Didn't Read

  1. Web wallet for the EOS blockchain
  2. EOS blockchain has a permission system with an everyday key, called "Active" and a master key called "Owner"
  3. EOS in a Box creates accounts on the EOS blockchain with an easy and secure "Active" key leveraging your phone's built-in hardware security module with Face-ID or fingerprints
  4. EOS in a Box requires a "Custodian" account in case your phone gets stolen or breaks
  5. Think of the "Active" key as the key to your house
  6. Think of the "Owner" key as a Locksmith, someone that can break into your house but is trustworthy
  7. You can be your own Custodian (future) by securly managing a key pair and creating an EOS in a Box account with the Public Key as the Custodian
  8. Don't put large amounts of tokens in this wallet if you don't understand the implications
EOS in a Box on Telegram


Long Help - This app is in early phase, don't risk too many real tokens here please!

Get yourself an account!
  1. Choose the blockchain (EOS/Jungle3/Jungle4)
  2. actually, don't use jungle3,
  3. Choose your account name, the app will check if it is available (legal 12 character names only)
  4. Create a key pair using biometrics, the magic happens here!
  5. Who do you want to trust to be the admin for your account? The Owner permission in EOS terminology. In the future this will be more advanced, you'll be able to choose a threshold and some accounts, keys and time delays
  6. Send the resulting info to a friend who will create the account for you
Got a new phone, change my keys to use from here on
  1. Use this if you lost your old phone and need to get access to your account from your new phone
  2. Create a new key pair
  3. Enter your account name
  4. Send the resulting info to the custodian, your trusted friend who will replace the keys for you
Delete my account from this phone
  1. Warning, this is irreverible. Are you sure?
  2. Use this if you're giving the phone to someone else
  3. Check with the custodian of the account to verify the account will be accessible using that permission
  4. Are you sure? OK, I'm deleting the account info from this phone
Send EOS to another wallet
  1. Who to send to?
  2. How much?
  3. Add optional memo
  4. Send! You'll need to use biometrics to approve, so only you can send tokens from the phone
Approve any transaction request
  1. Using EOSIO Signature Request, ESR (future)
  2. Review details
  3. Approve or deny buttons
  4. Biometrics for final approval
View balances in any contract/token (future)
  1. Want to see additional balances in contracts/tokens?
  2. Choose from a pre-made list
  3. Or enter the account and token
Additional future features
  1. Manage multiple accounts on mltiple chains
  2. Manage account list with nicknames
  3. Want something else that's missing? Join the chat on Telegram
View Account on block explorer
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Backup EOS in a Box data

EOS in a Box does not manage your data for you. All your data is on your phone's local storage. If you want, you can export all data as a json object and save it in any place you like, perhaps send it to yourself in an email. In the future this might change. In any case, your private keys are never exposed - they can't, since you're using your phone's hardware security module to generate and manage keys for you. This backup only has the public keys. This is also why you need to use the custodian account to replace keys if you switch phones.


Some special tools, like manual clear of account info from this phone's localStorage. Ignore if you're not a programmer :)

Telegram group, chat, complain...
EOS in a Box on Telegram

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