EOS in a box

Ami Heines

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ALPHA - bleeding edge experiment!

May 14, 2019

Limited time, ALPHA testingAbsolutely no warrantyAn extremely unreliable experiment, with some sloppy code that will let you start a private…

How does it work?

December 05, 2018

Starting a new blockchain requires knowledge in many different fields and there are lots of decisions to be made along the way. Don’t get…

Practice run

November 27, 2018

Practice runToday I created 3 new virtual box ubuntu computers on my laptop to test eosinabox. It took me a while to configure them. I gave…

Benefits of a Private Blockchain

November 25, 2018

Full ResourcesOn your priate blockchain you own 100% of the resources, CPU, NET and RAM are all yours to work withEOS blockchain…

Getting started

November 22, 2018

Check list for starting your very own blockchainStart 3 fresh Ubuntu servers with enough RAM (todo: need to check if can start with a cheap…

EOS in a box

November 20, 2018

Your servers, your EOSIO blockchain.Why make a private EOSIO blockchain?EOS the blockchain and the token are akin to an expensive city. You…